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About Daphne Simpson, Licensed Professional Counselor

As a therapist people sometimes ask me, “Why counseling? Your job must be challenging, listening to people’s problems all day.” The truth is, I love what I do. Witnessing people’s growth and seeing them succeed brings me immense joy. Those moments when everything clicks, and a client gains a new perspective—that’s where the real magic of healing happens. I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of that journey.

There are things that I love that help me recoup from a career that can be rather challenging at times. My hammock is my happy place and you will probably catch me reading a book (I’m a voracious reader!) or working on my latest crochet project. I grow African violets and love to garden. Gardening brings me a connection with nature and I receive a lot of satisfaction when things begin to grow and blossom.

While I’m passionate about my hobbies, my dedication to counseling runs deep. I firmly believe that healing your mind and soul starts with a strong therapeutic relationship. Counseling is a space where you can freely express yourself, and my role is to provide unwavering support, active listening, and practical guidance. Whether we’re exploring new insights or developing coping strategies, my goal is to facilitate your journey toward growth and well-being.

Curious to learn more about my background and therapeutic approach? Follow me to this page, where I’ll share all the details. I’m always eager to discuss how I can support you on your path to healing.


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