Little River Counseling, LLC

Welcome to Little River Counseling, where compassionate support meets professional expertise in Fort Payne, Alabama. I’m Daphne Simpson, a licensed professional counselor dedicated to guiding individuals through life’s challenges with empathy and insight.

If you’re familiar with the struggles of depression, anxiety, past trauma, or navigating significant life transitions, know that you’re not alone. With extensive experience in helping individuals heal from these issues, I aim to walk alongside you on your journey toward healing and personal growth.

While the majority of my caseload consists of individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma, I am also a perinatal mental health certified counselor. I specialize in providing support to individuals navigating the challenges of motherhood and beyond, but I welcome clients with a variety of concerns.

As a perinatal mental health certified counselor, I am prepared to help. Whether you’re adjusting to motherhood, preparing for a new arrival, navigating fertility challenges, coping with the grief of miscarriage or child loss, dealing with a traumatic birth experience, or struggling with postpartum blues or PMADs, my goal remains constant: to provide a safe, supportive space for exploration and healing. 

I know that making that first call can feel intimidating, but as a solo practitioner, I’ll be here to help you right from the start. I’ll guide you through the process and address any questions you may have. There is hope for people with any type of mental health issue, and I’m here to help you find it.

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